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Types of certification in Paragliding

Types of certification in Paragliding

Types of certification in Paragliding

Paragliding is one of the most popular recreational as well as a competitive sport. Some people are so fascinated by it that they want to go one step ahead and become a professional paraglider or instructor, and this is where APPI (Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors) comes into play, as it provides paragliding license to people based on high quality of paragliding, and an education system that is recognized internationally among all APPI schools worldwide. Here are the types of Certification in Paragliding:


Pilot qualifications

  • APPI 1 Discover

APPI 1 Discover is the first degree in the APPI Education System. The student learns how to prepare, inflate and control the wing on the ground (Ground Handling) and has his/her first solo flight experience, which will be done under an Instructor’s supervision.

  • APPI 2 Explore

In APPI 2 Explore, the student focuses on improving his skills and knowledge to become an independent pilot. The training is inclusive of theoretical knowledge about piloting, weather, air-laws, equipment and mechanics of flight. At the learning site, he may fly only under the instructor’s supervision along with radio communication in stable weather conditions. The student must have logged a minimum of 10 high flights under the instructor’s supervision to obtain this certification.

  • APPI 3 Pilot

APPI Pilot is a student who has successfully completed the first step to becoming an Independent Pilot. They are capable of analyzing different weather conditions, make apt decisions, and perform a safe flight without supervision on their learning site. In the field, ground handling skills are taken to the next level as the student will learn how to master a flight, engage in weather analysis and perform high flights on his learning site independently with a high level of safety.

  • APPI 4 Intermediate Pilot

Once the APPI 3 pilot has completed at least 50 flights, 30 hours on 3 different sites and has both APPI dynamic soaring and APPI thermalling certification, he may contact an APPI instructor that will evaluate his skills to award the APPI Level 4 certificate.

  • APPI 5 Advanced Pilot

An APPI5 Advanced Pilot is a pilot with a wide range of skills and knowledge. He has a lot of experience under his belt. This qualification is the door for more advanced practices like tandem flying and becoming a Professional.


Pilot Certifications include:

  • Thermalling
  • Dynamic Soaring
  • Winch
  • Cross Country
  • Performance
  • Mini wing
  • Speed ride
  • SIV and Advanced SIV
  • Acro and D-bag
  • Handi-friend
  • Speed ride expert


Professional qualifications

  • Non-commercial Tandem

The APPI Non-commercial Tandem rating is the stepping stone for APPI Professional qualifications. This 8 days minimum course is open to experienced pilots that have APPI 5 advanced pilot qualification. At the end of the course, not only will you have knowledge about tandem operating, but also about the procedures, gear and attitude.

  • Pro Tandem

The Pro Tandem qualification is meant for tandem pilots with expert tandem skills and experience. They operate in a professional manner and are able to work efficiently with a high safety level.

  • Assistant Instructor

The Assistant Instructor rating is the first qualification in APPI for those who are eager to teach paragliding and these experienced Assistant Instructors provide student pilots with quality knowledge and skill development through APPI programs and courses but they don’t have complete autonomy as they operate under the supervision and responsibility of an APPI Instructor or Master.

  • Instructor

APPI Instructors are highly experienced and possess a wide array of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Their expertise in teaching paragliding make them the first choice to learn paragliding from.

  • Master Instructor

APPI Master Instructors are veterans in the paragliding field who have achieved the highest APPI Instructor ratings. They have a wealth of experience in conducting a wide range of programs and courses.


Professional Certifications include:

SIV Tandem

Advanced Tandem

Group Leader

Sky Guide

SIV Instructor

Acro and D-bag trainer

XC Instructor

Speed ride instructor

Handifly Tandem

Handifly Instructor

SIV and Acro Master

Speed ride master

Handifly Master


Technical Certifications:

Pro Rescue Packer

Control and Maintenance Expert

Control and Maintenance Instructor

Winch Operator

Winch Instructor

First Aid Instructor