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Snowboarding is an activity that is very popular with people who do not feel that regular skiing is lethal enough
Snowboarding in India


The snowboard was invented in the 60s when skiers wanted to have wider skis to enjoy even more powder snow and off-track riding. India’s north is fringed by the greatest mountain range on Earth, but snowboarding is still unfamiliar sport to most Indians.

Snowboarding as an adventure sport that was developed in the United States in the 1960s to 1970s and became a Winter Olympic sport in 1998.

In India, Skiing is more popular as a winter sport but every year more and more people are becoming Snowboarding enthusiasts as it is taking its roots. Snowboarding shares similar traits to skateboarding and surfing but is much more extreme even though it’s just sliding down the hill on a piece of wood. Your way of boarding creates your own expressions and experiences. Powing on snow, shredding, riding with friends, you and the mountain is what brings you the feels.

As it is said,
“To me, snowboarding is really an art form, and I think every athlete, every snowboarder has her own style, and that makes them stand out” – Chloe Kim .

Course & Experience

Certified Course

Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir


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14 Days

Certified Course

Solang, Manali


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Auli, Joshimath


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Certified Course

Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir


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Certified Course

Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir


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6 Days

Season for Snowboarding in India


Snowboarding in India is yet to make a widespread mark but because of India’s weather conditions in the winter and the quality of snow, there are a wide range of spots ideal for this extreme adventure sport.

The go to place for snowboarding in India are the bowls and ridges of Gulmarg along with the seasonal slopes of Solang.

The best time to visit such places is in winter that is from December to early March.


To read the about the locations for Snowboarding and Skiing, head to our skiing section

Snowboarding as an extreme adventure sport

Sports & Events

Sherman Poppen was dreaming about surfing the magic winter landscape of the Rockies. The modern snowboarding was invented in the USA in 1965 by Sherman Poppen. He built a surfboard for the snow. His first prototype was about 1,20m long plastic planks. He produced commercial snowboards in mid that is 1970. In 1975 they were mentioned in American Newsweek. The “Snurfer” got its poppy name from Poppen wife, who neatly combined the two words that describe the contraption’s purpose: Surfing on snow.

Snowboarding in India started after the advent of Skiing. It was brought here by foreign tourists and was picked up by locals initially just for fun who later became pro. These localites from Tangmarg, Gulmarg, Manali, Auli and Gangtok are the ones representing India at a national level in Snowboarding and even teaching others. Vivek Panwar and Ajaz Khan are some of the well known boarding athletes.

Snowboarding styles vary as per terrain and mood!


Also known as “all mountain snowboarding”, It is all about learning something new that gives you independently to ride, carve and jump on the terrain. Freeriding style is not technical so beginners can start with this type.


It is the most known type of snowboarding for thrills and tricks it is the most popular sport. It focuses on jumps, tricks, rail slide, halfpipes, and switch riding.

Free carve

Popularly known as alpine snowboarding. It is all about speed and the ultimate carving turn in snowboarding. It is the sport which generally requires little or no jumping but demands a lot of strength and takes place at the Olympics.

Split boarding

In split, boarding riders can go skiing and snowboarding on the same piece of equipment Split board has the same shape and construction as a normal snowboard. It provides flotation, gliding ability and many such.

Snowboarding Competition in India

Competitions and Festivals

The very first competitive snowboarding event was a small contest called the king of the mountain, which was held in Leadville, Colorado. Every year thousands of snowboarding events take place across the world.

Now, national competitions happen every year in Manali, Gulmarg, Solang, and Auli bringing more than 200 competitors from all over India. They are organized by the winter games federation of India, which was dissolved in 2018 and now being organised by Indian Olympic Association and the local state government authorities.

Now, national competitions happen every year in Manali, Gulmarg, Solang, and Auli bringing more than 200 competitors from all over India. They are organized by the winter games federation of India, which was dissolved in 2018 and now being organised by Indian Olympic Association and the local state government authorities.

General Tips for Snowboarding

General Tips

Learning to snowboard is a continuum, and you never stop developing your technique. The Snowboarding tips here will help you to get Started snowboarding on the slopes if you are a beginner.It will help you to get the most from your snowboarding and taking to the next level if you’re already an expert.

The following are the general tips for preparations and safety


When snowboarding at an extremely high level, the snowboarder should get used to or acclimatized to the weather before hitting the slopes.

Get proper Snowboarding lessons

When you don’t know how to snowboard properly you get frustrated. Book yourself with snowboarding beginner’s lesson and the instructor will give you some general tips on Sliding downhill, standing up, stopping and basic turning.

Wear the right clothing

You need to wear the appropriate clothing to go snowboarding. If you are inside a snow dome, it’s still cold, so you should be dressed properly. Wear the base layer and then snowboarding jacket, gloves, boots, Helmets and other essentials.

Wear protective Equipment

Wearing the right Equipment is must most people still ride without a helmet. It is recommended to wear a helmet while you are learning in order to protect from injuries.

Learn to skate for getting off chair cars

When you suddenly stuck and stopped on a flat area of the mountain or you are moving towards the chair lift, you will need to unstrap one foot from bindings and stake along with the snow. Keep practicing! It takes time to feel comfortable skating.

Learn Piste symbols

The slopes on the mountain will be graded to indicate whether they are suitable for beginners or not. Green slopes are the easiest slopes and are for beginners. Blue slopes are the next slope steeper and can progress once snowboarding from beginner to intermediate.

Learn the edge control

Learning edge control is key to becoming a solid snowboarder. Avoid giving pressure and start easing your weight off your heel edge and begin to press down with your toes. The board will start to move downhill. To stop, press the weight back into your heels.

Look where you want to go

Keep your eyes in front look forward to where you want to go. Your eyes lead the rest of your body. These are the basics for learning to control and turn your board.

Know how to fall properly

Snowboarding beginners tend to fall. Don’t be scared of falling over, one just needs to know how to fall properly. Try to neglect your hands out to break your fall. You can end up with a broken wrist. Instead keep your hand close to your body, close to your chest. Follow safety rules.

On the slopes everyone needs to follow the safety rules

  • Don’t snowboard alone.
  • Each slope is for different skill levels. Know your level and snowboard only on those.
  • Stay on marked paths.
  • If you pass other snowboarders call out loud to let them know you are behind.


Comparatively, snowboarding Equipment is very easy to carry and it is relatively cheaper than Skiing equipments. Besides normal sports equipment, the player also uses different safety equipments in order to prevent from injuries. Snowboarding, for beginners and pro-amateurs will require the following equipment


Snowboards are used for sliding over the snow-filled surface. It is the must equipment as it is basic equipment for snowboarding. Snowboards are mainly made of the hardwood core. Other elements like aluminum, carbon fiber, Kevlar are also used in the making of a modern snowboard.

Snowboarding boots

A boots main function is to protect the rider with support and remit riders energy into the board. Snowboarding boots are mainly considered as soft plastic boots except alpine snowboarding which uses harder boot. Based on different designs three types of boots are used which are as follows:

  • Standard boots (soft boots)
  • Step-In boots
  • Hard boots

Snowboarding Bindings

Snowboard bindings are an essential piece of snowboarders riding experience. Bindings are directly connected to snowboard. Generally, there are three types of bindings which are Strap Bindings, Step-in-Bindings and hybrid Bindings.

Snowboard bags

Snowboard bags are used to carry the gear also to protect board graphics and other pieces of equipment. This is the best way to protect them.

Snowboard Helmets

Helmets are used as a tool to protect your head from injuries, save you from the icy cold breeze.

Snowboard goggles

Snowboard goggles are important as the sun is strong and also to protect from ultraviolet rays.

Snowboard gloves

A glove is apparel covering hands. It usually has separate sheaths and openings for each finger and thumb. Gloves are used to protect against heat, damage by friction, abrasion and the cold.