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Skydiving while Honeymooning in India

Skydiving while Honeymooning

Skydiving while Honeymooning in India

In addition to the conventional candlelit dinners, romantic spas and long walks by the beach, my honeymoon itinerary entailed an adventure-packed and a 7-day long road trip.


Adventure sports have been on my bucket list long before Zoya Akhtar made it cool. So we had our heart set for Skydiving in Mysuru for the very same reason.


It still gives me goosebumps thinking about the day I skydived.


I vividly remember the bright sunny day where I could barely walk 1 km. My body was acting up and I couldn’t keep it together. We caught the ride that drove us 40 km away from the city and we made it to the SkyDive Centre which was on a private airfield in the outskirts of Mysuru. The landscape was surreal. The clear blue sky juxtaposed with the vast hills of green put me a tad bit at ease. We entered the office and after I signed the waiver form, I was introduced to my instructor. This high-spirited lad told me this was his third tandem dive, but really he lost count after his 456th solo jump. He then went on to instruct and warn me of the do’s and don’ts when jumping from 15,000ft. I listened like my life depends on it and well because…


As I boarded the aircraft all geared up from head to toe, I could hear my heart pounding like a drum. I guess it pounded so hard my instructor heard it and kept making small talk throughout our plane ride to the top. He kept me engaged in conversation and in no time we were there, it was time.

The moment I’d been waiting for was here…

Standby… And in 3, 2, 1…

I flew.


Though bandaged with carabiners and straps, I had never felt this free. I could live here, is what I told myself. I howled and screamed to tell the world how crazily happy I felt on the inside. The view was impeccable. Mountains right beside lush green fields. The sun shined just right making everything clear as a crystal.


When we hit the ground, I smiled with glee and completely forgot how I was feeling earlier that day. It’s like life had hit the refresh button and I was a new person.


To me, skydiving was much more than a sport. It was a journey that encompassed countless emotions yet left me feeling content and unperturbed.


Written by Sunny Jain

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