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Results of the Bodoland Paragliding Championship 2019

Results of the Bodoland Paragliding Championship 2019


Paragliding, apart from being a recreational activity, is also a competitive sport, and for the first time ever, Assam hosted an international paragliding competition in Bodoland. The Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2019 was a four day program starting from November 11 and was held at Dangdupur Hill in Kokrajhar where 68 participants from 11 different countries including India took part.

There were 46 Indian participants from states like Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, etc. The remaining 22 foreign participants were from Indonesia, China, Korea, Nepal, Japan and Taiwan and other countries.


The Tourism department of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) administration organized the Bodoland Paragliding Championship to promote adventure tourism in the region. There were four main categories in the championship; Overall Men, Women, Team and Indian Nationals (Men & Women). Paragliders from Indonesia won the first and third position in the male category and first and second position in the female category. The top 3 overall teams were Indonesia, China and Korea. Tashi Lachungpa, Kamal Kishore and Arjun Gurung were the top 3 national paragliders in the Bodoland Paragliding Championship 2019.


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The spotholderswere given cash prizes of Rs 2 lakh, Rs 1.5 lakh and Rs 1 lakh along with gifts. There were six foreign judges to judge the championship, the chief judge hailing from Slovenia.


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We spoke to Keshab Mashahary and Norbu Lama, two of the people who helped organise the event and saw it unfold. “Bodoland Territorial Council and Bodoland Tourism took massive efforts to organise such a beautiful event. Foreign pilots came in big numbers and we will host such an event again in the future. I hope BTC and Bodoland Tourism would take similar efforts”, said Keshab, adding that he wished there were more local pilots.

Norbu opined that the Indian Paragliders performed really well and expressed his views on how this event would affect Assam’s tourism and employment opportunities. “Most of the youth want adventure in their lives, and I hope that many people will visit the site to have a taste of the Tandem Fly-in Kokrajhar. During the competition itself, many young people showed interest in the Paragliding course and they were very excited to do it. If BTC conducts Paragliding courses for the youths of Assam, the unemployment rate will automatically come down, along with increasing tourism as tourists would want to fly in the skies of Kokrajhar.” He continued, “Not only will employment rise through paragliding but other industries like hoteliers, transporters, travel agents, restaurants, etc will also benefit from it. Kokrajhar has been included in the world map of Paragliding since the first day of the Bodoland Paragliding Championship and I think that’s a really huge success for us”.