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Winter Surf Camp

Winter Surf Camp


The beaches of Murud have a soft and sandy shoreline & the beach breaks are perfect for beginners. Surfing in Murud in its peak season from Oct to Dec gets you some amazing blue water waves too, breaking a little farther away from the shore.

This unique winter Surf camp would be a 3 day surf party for adults as well as kids wherein the ocean waves will be the dancefloor. A shared interest, good food and a good group will make this winter camp fun and interesting.

  • Murud
  • Moderate
Day 1

Arrive to the surf school in the morning. Introductions, basic briefing and greeting the ocean.

Settle in your rooms and gather by 10:30 am on the beach.

Session 1 and 2 (morning and evening)

Understand signalling and surfing etiquettes. Get to know your surf board. Practice getting up on land and then enter the ocean.

Day 2

Session 3 and 4

Revise, learn to read waves. Practice popping up on the surf board till you ride out the waves. By this time you will gain some confidence on white water waves. Tonight is Game Night

Day 3

Session 5

Learn balancing and turning on boards and try catching unbroken waves. Practice because that will help you achieve your goal. Surf with your instructor and try catching green waves. The last group photo session. Exchanging feedback and starting the return journey.

  1. How can I or my kid surf if we dont even know how to swim?

Well sadly those who can’t swim won’t be able to attend the camp. Swimming is a prerequisite for surfing winter camp

  1. But in the sea waves, even somebody who knows swimming can drown. Then what?

Actually, the Indian Sea bed is quite shallow and waves aren’t that high and strong making them perfect for beginners to learn. Also, there are specialized Life jackets for surfing which can be arranged if required.

  1. Isnt the sea water harmful?

All the surf schools are located far off from the cities and usually have river mouths nearby bringing in fresh water. This mixture of Sea water has some of the following benefits:

Sea water cleans your skin

Sea water strengthens the immune system

Sea water reduces and eliminates anxiety

Sea water has citrization properties

Sea water improves breathing

Sea water cleans out the large intestine

  1. Who are the instructors and how will they teach in the winter Surf camp

All the Surf schools have ISA certified instructors. These are surfers expert in surfing and in reading waves who are trained and certified by Indian Surfing Association. They know basic first aid too.

For every batch of 10 learners, there will be atleast one surf instructor and an assistant teaching, guiding and monitoring them.


For any other concerns, write to us or call us.

Surf Board, Leash
First Aid

Beachside accommodation or Camping tents with sleeping bags

Breakfast, lunch and dinner on day 1 and day 2

Breakfast on day 3

Nearest Airport: Mumbai

You can take a train to Khed or Bus to Dapoli

Nearest Railway Station: Khed
From here you can take a Bus to Dapoli and then to Murud

Nearest Bus Stop: Murud Bus Stand

Cotton/ Nylon T-shirt
Board shorts/ swimming costume
Water Bottle
Sunscreen lotions

Bag packed as per 3 day beach stay requirements.


About the instructor

The surf school in Murud was started by two local homegrown surfers of Mangaluru. The head coach Dhruv is part of many surf schools and believes surfing is a way for spiritual well-being and is passionately dedicated to develop this sport in India.