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Surfing lessons- Learn surfing in Kovalam, Chennai

Surfing lessons- Learn surfing in Kovalam, Chennai


There are three types of surf breaks at 3 different parts of Covelong beach: sandy beach breaks, reef breaks due to rocks and river mouth breaks due to Muthukadu backwaters. One can truly begin here and improve their levels of surfing as per the surf breaks. This is a beginner level course for those who want to learn surfing. Living in Chennai, surfing can be taken up as a hobby or as a sport.

  • Kovalam
  • Moderate
Day 1

Basic safety briefing, understand signalling and surfing etiquettes. Get to know your surf board. Practice getting up on land and then enter the ocean.

Day 2

Revise, learn to read waves. Practice popping up on the surf board till you ride out the waves. By this time you will gain some confidence on white water waves.

Day 3

Learn balancing and turning on boards and try catching unbroken waves. Practice because that will help you achieve your goal. Surf with your instructor.

Day 4

Changes if required in your technique will be suggested by instructor, then working out on the techniques. Learn wave dynamics and surf with your instructor.

Surf Boards
First Aid
place to refresh after the sessions

Chennai has the nearest Airport and major railway station. From these areas you can get buses and local taxes to take you to Kovalam Covelong beach, on the way to Pattipulam.

Cotton/ Nylon T-shirt
board shorts/ costumes
Bottle of water
Sunscreen lotions


About the instructor

Showkad and his team are teaching surfing since 2007, running Chennai’s first school to be accredited by the Surfing Federation of India, following international standards of safety. They are a fun team of zoologist, geologist holding a Limca book of record for paddle boarding and have some kick-ass instructors for surfing.