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Learn Surfing in Goa- Amateur Surf Lessons

Learn Surfing in Goa- Amateur Surf Lessons


Going to Goa and have never surfed before? Well Goa having excellent night life is also the capital of water sports. With some excellent beaches, Goa has many spots that have some really good breaks for surfing. During these 3 days, learn about the basics of surfing from your experienced instructor and different techniques used in surfing which would enable you to stand and surf on a surfboard.

  • Arambol, Goa
  • Moderate
Day 1

Basic safety briefing, understand signalling and surfing etiquettes. Get to know your surf board. Practice getting up on land and then enter the ocean.

Day 2

Revise, learn to read waves. Revise, learn to read waves. Practice popping up on the surf board till you ride out the waves.

Day 3

Learn balancing and turning on boards and try catching unbroken waves. Practice because that will help you achieve your goal. Surf with your instructor.

Surf Boards
First Aid and place to refresh after the sessions

Arambol is located approximately a two-hour drive from the Dabolim Airport. From Vasco De Gama train station, catch a bus from the bus stand to Panaji. From Panaji bus station, catch the local bus to Mapusa (pronounced “Mapsa”). From Mapusa bus stand, ask for the bus to Arambol. The bus from Mapusa will drop you off in front of the HDFC bank ATM; from there it’s a short walk into the heart of Arambol beach.

Cotton/ Nylon T-shirt
board shorts/ costumes
Bottle of water
Sunscreen lotions


About the instructor

Head surf-instructor Vincent is a local and has been a lifeguard all his life. He knows everything about the weather, water currents and waves in the area. He was inspired to surf in his teens; got his ISA (International Surfing Association) guide Certificate and started teaching people in 2012.