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Experience Surfing near Mumbai

Experience Surfing near Mumbai


Have never surfed before? Experience surfing on the gentle waves near the coast of Mumbai. Living in Mumbai, surfing as a hobby or taking it up as a sport is a really cool idea. Plus with two river mouths at this location, the water and wave quality is optimal to surf.

  • Virar, Mumbai
  • Easy

After basic safety briefing, understand signalling and surfing ettiquettes. Get to know your surf board. Practice popping up on land and then enter the ocean.

Surf Boards
First Aid and
place to refresh after the sessions

Easily reachable from Virar railway Station/ Nalasopara Station by a Rickshaw or a bus in Mumbai. The end destination is Rajodi beach.

Cotton/ Nylon T-shirt
board shorts/ costumes
Bottle of water
Sunscreen lotions


About the instructor

Suyash an emergency physician started this school cum club for the love of the ocean. Of the Instructor out here, is a Pro Surfer, Krishna, surfing for the last 15 years and is an ISA (International Surfing Association) certified Instructor. They love surfing and want to share this passion with others.